Ï Î is currently working on Diptych,

a commissioned piece by Sarah Davachi for the Sonic Acts Biennial 2024
for viola (Victor Guaita Igual) and telescope aulos (Lukas De Clerck).

Diptych delves into the intricate nuances of duality.
This duality is initially expressed through the interaction of two musicians in close acoustic proximity and in the distinct functions of the aulos's two independent pipes,
serving as both a chanter and drone.
In addition to accentuating the inherent dualities within the performance environment,
composer Sarah Davachi focused on the role of the viola.
This instrument provides a foundational structure characterised by shifting dyads throughout the composition.
Given the challenges of precise tuning in the aulos's frequency spectrum, a broader application of microtonality was incorporated.
This approach enables the two performers to dynamically navigate moments of perceived
consonance and dissonance in real time, challenging conventional interpretations of these terms in the context of harmonic relationships.

Ï Î is a project by Victor Guaita and Lukas De Clerck / Picture by Boris Snauwaert