Greenhouse Conversation

A place to cultivate sound, herbs, vegetables and silence. The new permanent sound art work ‘Greenhouse Conversations’ of Collectief Publiek Geluid is the result of a collaboration between Musica and Meakusma.

Together with Patchwork Vog, Atelier Scheldeman and the inhabitants of Sankt Vith, they created a house of glass in which they can harvest vegetables and listen to the work of international sound artists. As a big instrument of glass the greenhouse consists out of 8 transducers which make vibrate the sound deep into the material. Located long the cycling route RAVeL and the community garden, the serre invites locals and travelers to move their ear towards the window and experience an unknown world of sound.


photo’s: Maud Seuntjens


Collectief Publiek Geluid is Anne Van de Star, Eveline Vervliet, Joost van Duppen, Sebastian Dingens and Lukas De Clerck.
A sound collective focussing on sound creation in public space.
founded by Musica, Impulscentrum for Muziek.