A series of works around whistling.
As a tool for creating particaptory interventions in public space, whistle meditations and sound collages.

Pimpe Notre Vitrien, BNA-BBOT 2019

Breath transformed, on the edge, into sound.
We hear any-and everyone, whistling.

A whole streat was invited to say ‘A’ for one full breath and whistle the next one. These recordings were used to create a sound collage that was emitted on the same street for 3 months.

Whistle Meditation

An undefined amount of people will transform all of their breath gradually into a whistle during a undefined period of time.
All air that gets breathed in, will be whistled, all air that gets breathed out will be whistled.

During a fixed process breath is being transformed into whistle.

1.Nose in/ Nose out
2.Nose in/Mouth out
3.Mouth in/Mouth out
4. Mouth in/Whistle out
5. Whistle in/Whistle out

So in the end we try to whistle all breath, in and out.

This excerpt begins just before 4., where we slowly start to whistle out, but still breath in via our mouth.

Residency at Q-O2, 2019

A series of workshops around whistling: transition of breath into tone, (long-distance) communication, spatialisation, proximity, auditory anonymity.

Resulting in a sound performance emerging and blending in with the existing sound environment.

(Almost) unnoticed 2 passers-by start a duet.